Jorge Ariel Escobar is a photo-media interdisciplinary artist currently living in Richmond, VA. Born in Piribebuy, Paraguay, he and his parents immigrated to the United States when he was three years old. He holds a BFA in studio art with a photography concentration from James Madison University. Jorge has shown throughout Virginia and the US including solo exhibitions at VALET Gallery and Art Works' Jane Sandelin Gallery. He has been an artist in residence at AZULE and a workshop participant at Penland School of Craft, where he was a recipient of the Windgate Scholarship. Jorge will be pursuing his MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison beginning Fall 2020.

I am heavily influenced by my own life experiences as an immigrant living in America and find that a lot my work stems from those feelings of being in-between two cultures and not being sure of where I fit in. Revisiting these feelings has pushed me to explore the concept of human identity, finding interest in our attachments to a physical place, and how our perception and acceptance of ourselves develop throughout our lifetime.

My art practice is driven by experimentation and photography is a medium that lends itself to be experimented with. I'm constantly looking to see how the photograph can be reinterpreted in today's day and age where photography has become so much more accessible. Within my recent work, I've been exploring the relationship between photography and textiles as I find that an image on fabric changes the dialogue of the photograph and how it is viewed and interpreted.

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