My work explores themes of immigrant identity, otherness, and how identity is formed by place and the passage of time. Throughout my life I have been sensitive to how time moves and my view of self. When I think back to my childhood, I remember hiding my immigrant status out of fear of being ostracized. This fear stemmed from my need to fit in and be perceived as normal. For the past year, I’ve been reconnecting with this part of my identity and it has become a huge factor within my work. Revisiting these feelings has made me look at the concept of human identity in a broader sense, finding interest in our attachments to physical place and how our perception and acceptance of ourselves develops throughout our lifetime.

I work primarily with traditional darkroom techniques and alternative processes. My art practice is heavily driven by experimentation and photography is a medium that lends itself to be experimented with. I'm constantly looking to see how the photograph can be reinterpreted in today's day and age where photography has become so much more accessible. Currently, I've been exploring the relationship between photography and textiles as seeing an image on fabric changes the dialogue of the photograph giving it another layer of intimacy.

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