Jorge Ariel Escobar is a photomedia and interdisciplinary artist from Richmond, VA. Earning his BFA in Studio Art from James Madison University, his work frequently explores concepts related to psychological states utilizing traditional darkroom photography, printmaking, and fiber arts. Currently, he has been exploring the concept of repurposing older projects into new work inspired by his current lack of studio space and material. During his undergraduate career, Jorge studied in Prague as part of a photography studio and received the College of Visual and Performing Arts Undergraduate Research Grant in 2017. He has shown in various venues including Grace Street Gallery and The Golden Pony’s Pegasus Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA. He'll be showing at VALET and Art Works Gallery in Richmond this upcoming August and January, respectively.


As an artist, I am constantly growing and changing and I aim to express this fluid state through my art. I'm more of an introvert so I draw from my various emotions, experiences, and desires that are hidden from the outside world. I find myself swimming through various thoughts and emotions, good and bad, and I attempt to represent these states in my work. My approach to art making starts with various journal entires and writings in order for me to develop a project as fully as I can. Using traditional analog photography techniques I create narratives exploring concepts of the human psyche and mind, which comes from my fascination with the complexities of human nature.

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